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Client Support Specialist

🇱🇻 Klientu atbalsta speciālists

Sales Specialist (Brasil market)

🇱🇻 Pārdošanas speciālists Brazīlijas tirgum

Sales Specialist (Spanish market)

🇱🇻 Pārdošanas speciālists spāņu tirgiem

Senior PYTHON Developer

🇱🇻 Vecākais PYTHON programētājs

Project Manager

🇱🇻 Projektu vadītājs

Field Technician

🇱🇻 Projektu tehniķis darbam ārpus Latvijas

Electronics Engineering Team Lead

🇱🇻 Elektronikas inženieru komandas vadītājs

Production Shift Manager

🇱🇻 Ražošanas maiņas vadītājs

Production Technician

🇱🇻 Ražosanas tehniķis

CNC Workbench Operator

🇱🇻 CNC darba galda operators

Quality Control Technician

🇱🇻 Kvalitātes kontroles tehniķis

Electronics Engineer

🇱🇻 Elektronikas inženieris

and others...

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What is it like to work in Aerones?


Our vision is to make wind energy more accessible for society. We provide faster, safer, and more efficient wind turbine blade maintenance to reduce the risk to human life, reduce downtime and associated emissions, prolong the lifetime of blades and enable owners to build and manage larger assets that can generate more renewable energy.